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True Victory Book

I am working on publishing a book with my best friend from college, Heather Gollnick.  Heather is a Five Time Ironman Champion and we competed in college gymnastics together and have been friends ever since. Heather and I were pregnant at the same time, but she had twins born at one pound each at 24 weeks. This book we are writing together is an inspirational journey of seeing God at work in her life and how all of us have a storm that God can be found working in midst of every trial and every struggle to point our dependence back on Him.  The title of the book is called "True Victory: Discovering God in the Midst of the Storms." This book is still in the process of being published but here are some great photos of the frienship we have shared along the way.
True Victory: Discovering God in the midst of the Storms
By Suzanne Himka, R.D. , C.S.C.S. & Heather Gollnick, 5 Time Ironman Champion

Heather Gollnick and Suzanne Himka have been freinds for over 25 years. They want to share a story of hope and speak to women at seminars and conferences  about their testimonies of what God has done in their lives. They are both open to speaking engagements in which they share a message of love, hope and discovering God in the midst of every storm.  If you would like to contact Suzanne & Heather about speaking to your women's conferences, church or sports group, contact us by clicking here: 




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