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About Fit for a King 

Fit for a King is a Christian business located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We focus on training any person or family who wants to get in better shape and increase their quality of life. We train beginners through advanced athletes of any age. We believe that staying active and making wise food choices is a way we can be good stewards over the body that God has given us. ( I Corinthians 3:16-17)



With one on one personal training, Suzanne comes to your home and teaches you how to use your own gym equipment or items already in your home to design an effective workout.


You will learn good technique, healthy eating habits, and Suzanne has a wonderful way of making the workouts both fun and challenging!




$50 for one hour session

$500 for ten session package




With group training, you get the joy of working out with your friends or co-workers. Suzanne can come to your home or place of work during your lunch hour and train you with your friends. Workouts are so much fun when everyone is holding each other accountable.  Team building and partner workouts are what make this fun.


Family training allows the whole family to get involved. Dads get to bench press their kids or compete against their teens. Family training is one of Suzanne's favorites because it develops family bonding and lots of laughs! All ages get involved from preschool to grandparents!



Fit for King offers seminars in churches across the nation. You can have a women's conference for a whole weekend or a one to three hour series on how to be "Fit for a King."


The seminars include how to eat right, the importance of proper exercise, the impact of sugar on the immune system, and how the Bible teaches nutrition.  


To be effective as Christians and have the energy to do God's work we must fuel our bodies properly. Fit for a King offers bibilical principles from God's Word to take care of the body we have been given as the temple of the Holy Spirit. 


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