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We offer a variety of services from one on one personal training, to family and group training as well as seminars and sports ministries and gospel presentations to youth and teens.



Get the most out of your workouts by having someone to keep you accountable to reaching your goals whether you are just starting out or you want to run do a triathlon or other competitive event. Prices are negotiable to trades, affordability. We make training affordable to your budget.  Ask about a price plan that works best for you. 


We train families or groups and make working out a blast. We can train in your home with minimal inexpensive equipment using your own body weight. We can also come to your place of work during your lunch hour for an efficent workout fo ryou and your co-workers or friends. 


We offer nutrition seminars for ladies groups, Bible Studies, or women's conferences to help individuals learn how to eat right and get fit from a Biblical perspective. We are truly fearfully and wonderfully made and we must learn how to honor God with our bodies ( I Corinthians 6:19-20)



We offer nutriton counseling to individuals and families who need some guidance on how to implement healthy eating habits into their lifestyle. If you are wanting to lose body fat, gain lean muscle, or prepare for a competition, we can help you learn better ways of taking care of the body you have been given.



We coach kids, teens and adults on proper obstacle technique to be able to be sucessful in competitons and overcome fears. We help people get ready for mud runs and Spartans as well.



We will come to your church, AWANA, Vacation Bible School, youth group or youth conference and give a dynamic interactive gospel presentation on how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We tie it in to a variety of themes such as sports specific presentations sucn as how to be "set free" in volleyball or everyday common objects such as Buzz Lightyear and how to live for infinity and beyond. These creative demonstrations cover Adam and Eve and where sin began and what sin is to what is forever. Many children have come to know Jesus through these interactive presentations. We also travel into prisons for youth to reach a population who dearly need and desire a wonderful hope for a better life. 

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