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What are People Saying about Seminars & Training with Suzanne Himka

“Thank you so much, Mrs. Himka! You are an amazing teacher. You're so fun and energetic. God's love shines through you. I love the hard work outs you do, and the motivational message you put into them. You are so joyful and encouraging. I love having you as my coach. You're awesome! I am blased to have you in my life."  
Isabella, Volleyball student

“Mrs. Himka is the best coach ever!”​
Hailey, Gymnastics student​

' Suzanne can turn racquetball into handstand ball, paddleboarding into headstands and handstands on the paddleboard, and make a color run fun with activities. Suzanne can make any chore fun! That's why we are friends!" 

Heather Gollnick, Five Time Ironman Champion

“You made a boring and complicated concept amazingly simple−even fun. I will never think of leptin in the same way again! I not only learned important things about my health from your seminar, but I remembered it and applied it. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get fit!
Bridget Mosley, M. Ed. , Cognitive Learning Specialist

“We love your workouts, they are a fun kind of torture! "
Chris, Wendy, Zach & Jasper, Training family, Colorado Springs

“I love your workouts, they make me sweat and have fun at the same time!"
Kristen Kells, Maximized Living Chiropractor for Olympic Wrestlers

“I love the constant challenges and the accountability. You make working out at home a blast. You could train anyone anywhere!"
Clareese Hildebrand, Massage Therapist

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