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Want to improve your Rig Techniques? Be a faster Runner? Or just try some ninja skills or get ready for a Spartan Race?

SIGN UP and avoid those burpees or lost band at your next OCR race!


We are offering an obstacle training clinic at the new Altitude Ninja Gym on Monday, Dec 30th. If you are an adult and want to get better at the obstacles as well as learn ways to improve your running. Come to the clinic and learn at our new 10, 000 square foot obstacle training gym! Everyone will learn something new!


Date: Monday, December 30th


Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Location: Altitude Ninja Obstacle Training Gym

                 750  Garden of the Gods Rd Suite 125 ( Parking lot behind House of Color)

                 Colorado Springs, CO 80907


Ages: 16 through Adult (All levels beginner to advanced will be challenged)


Cost: $30 per person $25 for second if a couple. (Military discount available)


Designed for all levels of athletes from beginner to advanced! You will learn something new!

We will be offering OCR & Adult Ninja classes on a weekly basis starting in January. More details at clinic!

  • OCR stands for” Obstacle Course Racing”. It is races like Spartan, Savage, and OCR USA races where you have to run a certain distance quickly through obstacles. 


Grip Strength Training for OCR: Having trouble getting across some rigs? What to avoid penalties or losing your band in 100% completion races? We will teach you tricks on how to reset your grip, ways to move your hips and be more efficient on the obstacle so that you have grip strength left. 


Run training for OCR:  Feeling winded when you get to the obstacles? Focusing on efficient form, increasing power with every stride and overall base endurance means that running can become the “simple” part of the OCR experience.  Getting to the obstacles as quickly and efficiently as possible, means that you can attack the next obstacle with confidence and have something left in the tank for those last few legs to be able to finish strong.  Don’t confuse simple with easy!


  What You Will Learn: 


* Techniques on rigs and monkey bars

* Learn  efficient run form drills

* Grip strength & power increasing exercises 

* How to utilize the oxygen you breathe to bring down your breathing rate and heart rate between obstacles

* How to set up your weekly run training to maximize fitness

* Rope to save your grip

* How to be more mobile before, during and after the race










About the Coaches: Suzanne Himka, RD, CSCS and Karen Kantor, Olympic Times Trials Qualifier



Suzanne Himka is a Certified Ninja Coach, Registered Dietitian, certified Z health mobility coach, and NSCA CSCS Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach. She has extensive sports background in a variety of  sports. She has competed in college level gymnastics, Miss Fitness America, triathlons, bodybuilding, and World level taekwondo competitions. She won Amateur Female Champion of Ninja Wolf Pack Tour, Amateur Female Champion of The Ninja Colorado Challenge, Tampa Bay Overall Female & Masters Champion, American Gladiators Season 7 show winner, and OCR World Champion Age Group in London in 2018 as well as many age group podiums with 100% obstacle completion. She travels around the world competing on a monthly basis! She has a passion for teaching others about how to navigate through obstacles both on and off the course! 



Previously an Olympic Trials Qualifier and Division 1 Collegiate athlete, Karen was wounded while on active duty in the US Army, sustaining a career ending spinal cord injury.  With limited mobility and her competitive days seemingly behind her, she focused on maintaining a connection to athletics through coaching. Her spinal cord injury truly put into perspective the importance of overcoming obstacles and afforded her the opportunity to view athletic endeavors through the eyes of a challenged athlete.  Running was no longer about winning and competing at any cost, but rather about navigating this amazing thing we call life. Over the past 20 years, coaching led her to work with amazing athletes: youth and high school students, homeless addicts, Crohn’s and Colitis patients, homeless Veterans with persistent mental illness, amputees, visually impaired and various other physically challenged athletes, recreational runners, national and world level competitors and post-collegiate athletes risking everything to go pro. After 15 years of intense physical therapy, Karen was able to learn how to run again and miraculously returned to professional running, winning races, setting races but mostly regaining a piece of her life that she thought was lost forever.  In short, she wants everyone to feel what she feels when she runs: whole, complete, free, confident and able to hurdle any of life’s obstacles.


Together our goal is to build an Obstacle Course racing team that competes and travels across the country together

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