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Multiplication Camp 2016



May 30th to June 3, 2016



9 am to 12 pm



Ages 7 to 11 (entering second grade to sixth grade)



Early Bird Registration: $99 (until April 30th)

Summer Registration: $149 (until May 30th )

Late Registration: $169 

(Discounts for Multiple Children)


Location: Meridian Point Church

5450 Meridian Rd

Falcon, CO 80831

(Huge Acres Facility in Camp like Setting in Falcon)


Activities Include:

Drama, games, sports, snacks, hiking, exploring, huge playground

 Exciting stories & math activities

All tied around the theme of camping and multiplication.

This is a Christian based camp


For example:

There are fun memory stories associated with each times table to make it easier to remember and learn.

 For 8 times 8, there is a boy who gets a care package full of candy at camp and he ate it all in one sitting. 

He ate (8) and ate (8) until he was sick on the floor (64).

That way the child always remembers that 8 X 8=64!


This camp is designed for those just learning their multiplication tables

 and those who are struggling to remember the facts.


Note: If you want your child to get a head start on the times tables or if your child is struggling with math to remember them, then this camp will be well worth your time and money. They will remember these fun rhymes and stories to help them get the memorization of the times tables down fast. We will have the kids show their parents on the last day everything they have learned. It will be a week they will NEVER forget!



What your Child will learn:

Your child will learn the 15 hardest times tables in an easy to remember way that your child will NOT forget!)

3 X 6 = 18

4 X 7= 28

8 X 8=64

3 X 8= 24

4 X 6=24

7 X 7=49

3 X 3=9

4 X 8=32

6 X 7=42

3 X 7=21

4 X 4=16

6 X 8=48

3 X 4=12

6 X 6=36

7 X 8=56





Directors: Lisa Forbus & Suzanne Himka

For more information:


Contact Suzanne Himka at or

Lisa Forbus at

To Register for Multiplication Camp Click Here:

Want to be a camp counselor. Must be ages 14 and older. Looking for great leaders. Fill out the application!


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