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If you take only one supplement.. Take this one! A Must for Athletes!
Protandim- An all natural
Nrf2 activator  that is
proven to reduce oxidative
by an average of 40% in 
just 30 days!

As a Registered Dietitan, I review alot of supplements. This particular product impresses me because its made with five simple natural ingredients with no artificial ingredients. As an athlete, I produce free radicals everytime I workout, eat,  breathe in air from cities, encounter stress. Basically everyone produces free radicals. As a science teacher, I found that The amazng thing about Protandim is that it causes the cells to produce antioxidants at a rate of one million per second, every second. In just one month, the protandim reduces our oxidative stress levels by an average of 40% . Oxidative stress is related to alot of diseases like cancer and much more. When I started taking it I noticed that my recovery and soreness after a workout was significantly reduced as well. If you want to give your body an advantage on reducing the very cause of many aging diseases ( oxidative stress), then give it a try you will be doing your body a favor. 

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