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 This Clinic is designed for all ages 5 to Adult and beginner to advanced levels.


Beginner Students will focus on basic skills such as cartwheels, forward rolls and combination skills plus learn how to improve their flexibility and movement for a variety of sports. (Ages 5 & up)


Intermediate students will focus on handstands, dive rolls and more advanced skills. Students must be able to do a one arm cartwheel to take this level of class. They will also learn flexibility and balance drills. ( Ages 8 and up preferred)


Advanced students will learn aerial acrobatic skills and stunts that could be combined into a martial arts routine or dance.          (Adults may take this class as well). This is free to those who help with the earlier classes (Ages 8 & up)


The class is an intense 90 minute class where students are educated on technique that they can use for a variety of skills.


We will to provide a monthly clinic, so skills can be built upon.


PRIVATE SESSIONS AVAILABLE at the following rates:


Private Instructions ( Privates, Semi-privates, small group)

One student $50 per hour

Two students $30 per hour each

Three students $25 per hour each

Four Students $20 per hour each

Five or more $15 per hour each



To Inquire about Private Lessons





Ages 5 to Adult

Date: Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

Location: Chapel Hills Mall (A.L.L. TKD gym)




12:00 pm to 1:30 pm BEGINNERS

1:30 pm to 3:00 pm Intermediate/Advanced

3:00 pm to 4:30 pm Advanced only



$30 first child REGULAR COST

$25 second child

$20 third child and each additional





Chapel Hills Mall A.L.L. TKD

Lower level across from Glow Golf 


  2018 Clinic Date:


   March 3rd, 2018           


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Coach: Suzanne Himka, RD, CSCS

Suzanne Himka, RD, CSCS is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Strength and Condititoning Specialist who has over 25 years of coaching gymnastics experience as well as collegiate experience. She currently coaches the gymnastics for the A.L.L. TKD World Level Nationally Ranked Taekwondo Demo Team. Suzanne also currently teaches PE, fitness & Nutrition for The University School in Colorado Springs and is the owner of Fit for a King/Ninja Kids/Ninja Fit where se runs Ninja Competitions and camps for kids. She has competed and won on the popular television show, "American Gladiators" and has recently competed on the new series NBC "Spartan" by the producers of American Ninja Warrior and has recently won 1st place Amateur Female Competition in the Ninja Wolfpack Tour  as well as 6th Place in World Obstacle Course Racing Championships in Canada. Suzanne has a passion for coaching and teaching children to be knowlegable about fitness, nutrition and the Lord. 

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